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2018 Fastpitch Cares Tournament Donation Allocation Announcement

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We are excited to officially share with everyone our 2018 funding contribution decision!

This year, all of the money raised by the Fastpitch Cares Community will be going directly to the brilliant and life-changing work of Dr. Albert Chi at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. Dr. Chi is opening the door for kids so they can open the door for themselves. Literally.

Using a 3D printer, Dr. Chi can create a high-functioning prosthetic limb for a fraction of the cost of traditional prosthetics. Highly advanced prosthetics are often cost-prohibitive for children since a new limb has to be remade almost yearly as the child grows. Between materials, fitting, and therapy required for traditional prosthetics, costs can rise to around $100,000 per prosthetic. Dr. Chi’s leverage of 3D printers offers life-changing prosthetics for children who would not have access to them otherwise.

“It’s my personal aspiration to provide advanced prosthetics to all those in need. Making it affordable and accessible is the goal, and I really do believe 3D printing technology is the solution,” Dr. Chi said.

Children no longer have to wait until adulthood to have access to a prosthetic arm. His work was recently covered by the Oregonian when Jude, a young boy from Astoria, OR received a prosthetic arm from Dr. Chi. To learn more about Jude’s personal story, you can click the link here.

Fastpitch Cares has the incredible opportunity to help Dr. Chi create more miracle stories like Jude’s. With the money we raise, Dr. Chi can buy a larger and more efficient 3D printer, continue to purchase materials needed to make the prosthetic, and fund the casting of prosthetic fitting sockets. Dr. Chi wants to provide prosthetics at no cost for the children’s families. With our help, he can continue and advance his amazing work for kids in our own community and across the US.

Each year Fastpitch Cares chooses a program, department, or research effort within Doernbecher Children’s Hospital to donate all of the money raised by the Fastpitch Cares Community. This way, you know exactly where your donations go. You can be confident that your generosity is making a direct and tangible impact at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.

Thank you for your support – we make this happen together!

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