Thank you to all who participated and supported our fundraising efforts through the 2014 Fastpitch Cares Tournament!

Held August 23 & 24, 2014 at Hillsboro Stadium

1st Place: Washington Illusion

Runner-up: Northwest Blaze

With the proceeds from the 2014 Fastpitch Cares tournament, we were able to donate $25,0000 that went directly towards the purchase of a Nanodrop 8000.  The NanoDrop 8000 now being used at the Knight Cancer Institute James W. Mills Cancer Research Lab to test and identify genetic mutations eight times faster than they were able to before. Allowing the doctors and researchers to move much faster allows patients to receive care that much faster.
This donation was in conjunction with the Knight Cancer Challenge and was matched as part of that challenge bringing our effective contribution from the 2014 fundraising tournament to $50,000!