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Fastpitch Cares Supporting the Fight Against Covid-19

By April 26, 2020 No Comments

Together with the Softball Community, Fastpitch Cares Joins the Fight Against Covid-19


It is time for some good news! For the past two seasons, we as a softball community have chosen to direct our donations to the work of Dr. Chi and his team at OHSU. Up until the Covid-19 pandemic, Dr. Chi and his team focused on creating prosthetic limbs using 3-D printing technology. Responding to the looming global shortage of ventilators, Dr. Chi and his lab have come up with a low-cost version that can be widely produced with 3-D printing technology.

The equipment Dr. Chi and his team have used to create this new ventilator is directly due to the financial support of the softball community through Fastpitch Cares. Including the much needed new piece of equipment (Gas Flow Analyzer) they received two weeks ago. All of this is possible because of our sponsors, coaches, participants, umpires, and volunteers.

A direct quote from Dr. Albert Chi: “Please know EVERYTHING we have been using from printers, supplies, and financial support has come from Fastpitch Cares!” ~Dr. Albert Chi, OHSU

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Be safe and take care of one another.